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Three Fiddy. 137 likes. Father : Tomorrow My son is going to get married to a beautiful lady! I’m very happy for them both.

oh there I go. I told em i wasn’t gonna cry now. Chef : It’s okay pop.


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Three Dollars and fifty cents. Chef’s dad: Ooh! It must’ve been about seven, eight years ago. Me and the little lady was out on this boat you see, all alone at night, when all of a sudden this huge creature, this giant crustacean from the paleolithic era, comes out of the water Chef’s mom: We was so scared, Lord have mercy, I jumped up in the boat and I said "Thomas, what on earth is that.

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Anyway, interestingly, I had always heard that the tree fiddy scenes with the father was episode filler. That South Park often has a few minutes of time that the main story doesn’t cover, and they find a gag or two to round out the episode. (Think the chicken vs peter scenes from Family Guy).

Tree FiddyTree Fiddy | Know Your Meme – "Tree Fiddy" is a catchphrase associated with a story about the Loch Ness Monster originally told in an episode of the animated television series South Park. In the context of forums and imageboard sites, the phrase serves as the anti-climactic punchline in bait-and-switch stories that abruptly end with Loch Ness Monster begging for $3.50.

South Park- Loch Ness Monster – YouTube – 28.12.2017  · Who is the Mysterious Stranger? A Fan Theory Based on the Evidence – Fallout Lore – Duration: 23:53. Oxhorn Recommended for you

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08.11.2009  · Chefs parents explain about the time they met the loch ness monster Sorry its just stills, i tried to upload the real video but it was a copyright violation! The.